​Volunteer Opportunities

There are many ways to earn your 30 hours a year. You can volunteer for a little time every so often or you can do more hours by joining a committee. We will post volunteer opportunities throughout the school year, so be sure to check back from time to time. All PTSO members will get notified when new opportunities are posted (so join now). Committee and committee chairs opportunities will be posted near the time of the event to plan. Parents are also able to purchase 15 of your 30 hours per year. We have ways to buy your hours listed below throughout the school year as well. Please use the trackers below for any hours earned off campus and purchases made (keep your receipts). *Back to School supplies are not counted towards hours.
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Volunteer Hour Tracker
Donation Tracker
Volunteer/Donate:  Everything listed below counts towards your 30 hours.

Library Commitee

Please help us keep our lending library neat and clean of clutter. We are looking for volunteers to help keep it organized, and since this is the first year we may need other things along the way.



Are you good in sales? Need to earn your hours off campus on your own time? We need parent volunteers to sale ad space on our PTSO website to local businesses. This is a great way for us to earn money for our school. If you have any questions, please email doralfiremesaptso@gmail.com.

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Copy paper donation

The school is always in need of reams of paper throughout the school year. Just drop off your donation to the front desk along with your donation tracker and receipt. Don't forget if you buy it Office Depot the school wins twice! They get the paper and the credit for you shopping at Office Depot using our school code#70234817.

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Upcoming Committees:
Closed Committees:

A closed committee means the sign up has been closed and the committee is up and running. If you are interested or need information on a closed committee, please email doralfiremesaptso@gmail.com.

Box Tops
Family Dance Night
Harvest Festival
Monthly Breakfast
Teacher Appreciation
Uniform Exchange