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It's Valentine Gram time!

What's a Valentine Gram? It's a fun way to send holiday cheer to students. Anyone can purchase Valentine Grams. Buy them for friends and loved ones. Family and friends may send them. Students may send them to each other. They can be purchased online or by using the Grams attached with cash or check. Each Valentine Gram comes with a spirit bracelet band attached to the gram. You fill out the students name and teacher (for delivery) along with a message and we'll make sure it gets delivered to their class!

You may buy Valentine Grams until February 10, 2016. The cost is $1 per Valentine Gram. There are 4 Valentine Grams per page. 1 page = $4. Please cut out the Valentine Grams you need. Valentine Grams will be delivered throughout the ordering time and no later than February 12, 2016.

How it works: Fill and cut out the Valentine Gram for the student, teacher or staff member of choice. Put your Valentine Gram(s) in an envelope with exact payment (cash/check). All teachers will have collection envelopes in their classrooms. Students will turn their Valentine Gram envelope into their classroom collection envelope (advocacy for upper). We also have a collection box at the front desk. You may also purchase them online (great way for distant friends and family to purchase Valentine Grams).

Need more Valentine Grams? No problem. Teachers will have extras on hand as will the front desk or you can purchase them online for an additional charge of 25 cents.

Valentine Grams are a fun way to celebrate the holiday with the students. Let's spread the love and see who can wear the most spirit!

*Correct teacher (advocacy for upper) must be included for delivery.

Please email with any questions.
Thank you!
Doral Fire Mesa PTSO

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