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How to pay for and create your 8th Graders Dedication Spot:

  1. Visit and fill out the form and provide payment.

  2. Send an email to with the following information:

    1. Dedication message (please note number of allowed characters for each option)

    2. Dedication photos (only send the number of photos that your option allows)

      1. Please note that images must be at least 700KB, but not larger than 2000KB

      2. Smartphone image settings may need to be adjusted to at least 6 megapixels for quality printing

    3. Note *** The actual size of the photos and message in option 1 and option 2 may vary depending on the size and layout of photos and length of text.

  3. Prior to finalizing the dedication pages, the PTSO will provide a draft of your dedication page via email for proofing and approval.

  4. Approval must be received back to the PTSO by Friday, 2/21/20 in order to be in the yearbook.